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So, you want to make a report, eh?

1: While in the building to be reported, view source and save contents.
2: Post contents of source into Anach's Targetter and copy the results
3: Open a new text file, and paste the target data into it.
4: V. Important. File naming
The name of the file MUST be **.html, where ** are the co-ordinates of the building in question.
for example, Northcote FD is on the UD map as [78,75]
Since we're only dealing with one suburb, ignore the first 7's, making Northcote's co-ordinates 8,5
So, a Northcote target file would be called 85.html
9: Go to and enter the name and pass you get from the 10th circle part of our forum.
10: Select file manager, and go to the track folder
11: On the pull down menu which says "upload via", select "single files (8)"
12: Click the choose button beside file one, and select your webpage file you made with the targeter. Check the "overwrite" checkbox
13: Go to the bottom of the page and select "upload". First part done.
14: Now all you have to do is return to the file manager menu, tick "index.html" and hit the edit button on top of the file list.
15: Hold down Ctrl and F and search for the building you want to update, add in the new number of harmanz where it says no data, or replace the number already there.
16: Save, and you're done. Don't forget to log out.